Let's learn how Galapag.us works
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galapag.us: ".us" is for social, the Galápagos is for evolution. Galapag.us is thus an ecosystem for evolving, cultivating, and sharing reputations.

(Photo, July 2012: Charles Darwin Arch right outside the Research Station in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galápagos)

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We Encourage Real Names, Pseudonyms, & Anonymity

In our tribe, we believe that your holistic identity on Galapag.us should be made up of different ethnicities, cultures, tribes, customs, and particularly names.

On Galapag.us, you can use your real name and/or a pseudonym, or in many cases, use the system anonymously. Some of these activities can be publicly linked to your account (if you prefer to use a pseudonym instead of your real name, but want them linked). Or you can choose to use the site with a real name completely publicly separate from a pseudonym.

You could, of course, just create separate accounts, but the Galapag.us system will be able to tabulate your total stats if you keep them linked, even if you keep those account links private to anyone else.

Pseudonyms are important for playing with different identities. Real names are important for accountability. Anonymity is important for whistle-blowing. We want the Galapag.us tribe to choose how it shows its identity to everyone else.




Time is Important

No matter what backgrounds we come from, we still only have 24 hours in a day with which to work with. What do we do with our time? Do we spend it taking care of family? Do we spend it working? Playing games? Seeing friends? Sleeping?

A core part of our identities is how we spend our time, whether we think that's true or not. If you are driven to do something, are you spending enough time on it? Are you neglecting loved ones? Do you want to increase the amount of time spent giving to others?

internet of things, objs, pets in your sphere of influence

Your Internet of Things, Objects, Pets

Everything is becoming internet-aware. Smaller, monofunctional devices are now transmitting their data online. Cellphones are our extensions to other peoples' worlds that we can't be physically present in at that time. Data + time means you get a sense of how things perform over time.

This is called the internet of things. We're used to the internet being made up of people, but soon it will be made up of bots, devices, appliances, etc., and those are bound to our identities as well. Our pets and the things and people and animals we love are a large part of our identities.

Have you ever been in love?

nameBen TurnerGalapag.us Average
been in love?yes55% yes, 35% no, 10% unrequited
time you went to bed04:0001:00
time you woke up09:0009:30
hrs of sleep last night05:0008:30
your devicesSamsung Galaxy Nexus, MacBook Air, Windows 7 PC desktop, iPod Nano, Amazon KindleApple iPhone 5
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