! We need tools to grow and defend our reputations and identities.

the tribe

The Galapag.user tribe believes that radical transparency offers more solutions for protecting ourselves in the future than trying to become even more reclusive and secretive with our digital footprints.

We can use our data, the data that we own, to prove our social reputations or to disprove our own misconceptions about our own behaviors and habits.

Instead of preventing our data from leaking to companies and governments, we can interconnect our webs of data with those whom we trust, so that we're less susceptible to defamation, blackmail, and other methods used by those who hoard information. believes in these things:

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the ecosystem stores any of your personal data (rites of passage, interactions, moments, thanks, deeds, etc.) so that you can compare your statistics against your history and against other people. Imagine if you could observe and analyze your life more objectively and statistically, the way governments can analyze their gross domestic product or employment numbers.

screenshot of the main profile screenscreenshot of the evolution editor screen will catalog every person in the world, allowing anyone to contribute information about a person, alive or dead, in hopes of remembering multiple facets and perceptions of a person, for mankind's posterity. We intend to remember past heroes, reward good behavior, bring awareness of those who have been "disappeared" by others. We intend to give context to the faceless names we gloss over daily. We intend to figure out the hidden Moneyball talents in your office, community, tribe.

One key metric, as a result of this information, will be the value of the difference in what someone says about himself and what others say about him. What are the traits of people who are misperceived, versus people who are seen as "genuine"?

Much of the data (hover here for a list) will be compared to time, since the one restraint all humans and objects share, since education and income and class and other factors can differ but not be total determinants of outcome, is time. We are all constrained to what we can do within the 24 hours in a day.

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thanking, deeds, perceptions, liminality

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guess who someone is based on simple adjectives!

We're in alpha testing, so things are still buggy and the maps of the islands are not very mature yet. But for now:

the founder

Ben Turner, Discoverer

I'm Ben Turner. I worked on, conceived in 2006, for my orals/thesis work at Georgetown's Masters of Science in Foreign Service program and NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

I'm an application engineer at Vimeo and am a former US Army paratrooper sergeant providing military intelligence Arabic crypto-linguist support to a Special Forces unit.

I also researched as a junior Yahoo!/Institute for the Study of Diplomacy fellow at Georgetown University, studying openness and closedness in the BRIC countries, and worked as a social media operations analyst and team lead while in DC.